Sligo Assertive Outreach

Sligo Assertive Outreach Alcohol & Drugs Service was established to support individuals, family members and concerned significant others to reduce the harms caused by Alcohol & Drug Misuse.

This project is funded through the Northwest Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force HSE and operates from two locations, Sligo Northside Resource Centre and Cranmore Co-Operative Society.

The Assertive Outreach Alcohol & Drugs Service is a low threshold-harm reduction free service for individuals 18years and over. There is no need for a GP referral individuals can contact the service and a worker will discuss at that time availability of appointments and service locations.

Services We Provide:DSC_0126

  •     Information & Support
  •     One to One Counselling
  •     Supported Assessment & Care Planning
  •     Evidence Based Treatment Approaches
  •     Relapse Prevention
  •     Family Support
  •     Peer Lead Support Groups
  •     Off Site Visits
  •     Needle Exchange Information

These services are provided on Wed, Thurs and Fri in the Northside Center 10am-4pm. Please contact Cranmore worker for hours of work.

Is there a Fee?

No, this service is completely free to people over 18years of age.

Support Working

The Substance Misuse Workers support clients in making referrals to residential treatment  centres, community detox, counselling, education & training & peer led support groups.

Key Working

Key working is practical, goal setting work that centres around the here and now.  During this period an individual care plan is created with the client and personal goals are set and reviewed.


Counselling provides the client with the time and space to explore thoughts & feelings related to their substance misuse and other associated areas of their lives.  This may assist in addressing and resolving specified problems, decision making, coping with crisis, developing personal insight and knowledge, working through feelings of inner conflict or improving relationships with others.  Where a specialist counselling need is identified, or any other service or agency is required, this will be discussed with the client and options of appropriate referrals will be provided.

Family Support

The Substance Misuse Workers advocate and support  family members or concerned      significant  others who are experiencing difficulties with a loved one’s substance misuse.  Family member / concerned significant others are given the space to talk through their needs and concerns with the Substance Misuse Worker.  


Contact Details

Mark Askey (MACI)

Substance Misuse Worker

Sligo Northside Centre

Forthill, Sligo.

087 2208602


Sligo Northside Centre worker days