Mission Statement

The Sligo Northside Community Partnership (Reg-CHY 13702) was founded in 1996 to utilize the building vacated by St Edwards National School. By using the building it is offering the North Ward a focal point for all things Community related.

The mission of The Sligo Northside Community Partnership (Reg-CHY 13702) is to make a positive difference in the lives of people in the North Ward, primarily through the provision of different courses and activities, also to provide a vibrant focus for all sectors of the community with emphasis on their social economic and educational needs.

Through participation mutual respect and the courage to be adaptable each individual can develop a better realization of his/her own worth.

The Business

Providing and supporting a diverse range of activities, committed to helping people and communities achieve their goals. Sligo Northside Community Partnership (Reg-CHY 13702) has been reliant on grants here too fore, this must be addressed as a matter of urgency. The strategic plan going forward will be to explore other avenues of funding by generating our own income, while raising the Charities profile and working closely with the corporate sector and philanthropic organisations. It is our long-term goal to become more self sufficient by means of Social Entrepreneurial Enterprises and the proper utilisation of the facility.


The Sligo Northside Community Partnership’s doors opened for the first time in 1996 in what was previously the St Edwards National School.

When the Centre first opened it had a relatively low profile with marginal success as the project progressed its reach has spread to those in need of its services, there is no evidence to suggest that this trend will change into 2013 and beyond.

For many visitors the Sligo Northside Community Partnership is the only place they can feel comfortable to try new things

Core Values

At its core the Sligo Northside Community Partnership is a non judgemental, empathic and genuine environment in which people can grow in confidence learn and enjoy life. There is a focus on helping to restore self esteem, self efficacy and self awareness and there is a strong and flourishing ethos of support and understanding within in the Centre itself. In the SNCP there is a strict adherence to a range of core values that preserve it as a unique facility to both nurture those in need and yet give support and independence to those who have become disenfranchised. The SNCP seeks to integrate people from all walks of life regardless of age, gender, sexuality, creed, nationality or class as it is recognised that regardless of background people face similar challenges on a daily basis.


The main objectives of the Sligo Northside Community Partnership have been and always will be to help those in the local community, educate young and old alike and help integrate all citizens of the North Ward.


The Sligo Northside Community Partnership has been proactive in successfully forging working relationships with HSE, FAS, VEC, Social Services, Focus Ireland, North West Regional Drugs Task Force, Sligo Borough & County Councils and An Garda Siochana. These relationships are invaluable going forward as it will give us the support we need to provide a comprehensive service to the local community.