Sligo Community Mediation Service

Resolving Conflict through Mediation



Mediation is a voluntary process in which parties in a dispute meet with a trained mediator who is neutral and impartial.

The mediation process is a specific approach to solving a dispute where a mediator facilitates meetings between all parties and helps them to work out their own agreed solution to the conflict and to build better relationships.

Throughout the process, the mediator creates an environment that allows people to listen to each other in situations where normal lines of communication have broken down.

Participation in a mediation process encourages mutual respect and can help sort out disputes confientially. The parties to the dispute not the mediators create their own solutions to the conflict and decide upon a joint agreement.

Even if agreement is not reached, mediation can be a first step towards trans forming and utimately resolving conflict. Where agreements are reached, they are more likely to last when worked out jointly by all those involved in the conflict.


In mediation all parties are involved. Typically, the mediation process takes a number of meetings with all parties along the following lines:

-Initial meetings with all parties separately

-Joint meeting with all parties

-Ground rules agreed

-All sides of the story told

-Issues identified

-Solutions explored and decided by all parties

-Agreement written and signed


The Community Mediation service was established to serve the needs of those in sligo’s communities who may be in conflict or experiencing disputes.

Examples of cases sutiable for community mediation include:

-Disputes or conflict arising within a community or volutary organisation

-Disputes invloving Residents Associations

-Disputes between neighbours

-Disputes involving any aspect of intercultural misunderstanding

-Disputes involving racism and sectarianism

-Disputes involving Statutory Bodies

– family mediation

Sligo Community Mediation Service charges a nominal fee

Benefits of Mediation

It is confidential

-It is a professional service of the highest standard

– It is based on respect and understanding.

-It is a creative and compasstionate way of settling disputes.

– The client is fully involved in the process.

-No decision is imposed.

– It is a proven effective way to resolve conflict.